Monday, February 1, 2010


This weekend I took a day trip to Córdoba with my program
The Mestiza had the most beautiful architecture I've ever seen

First we meandered around the gardens...

and found Ferdinand & Isabel and Christopher Columbus

...this tree with character

...and this laday

then entered the famous Mestiza

Sorry, architecture pics are always more boring second-hand but there were 
just so many spectacular sights
The place was huge!  It was built for a capacity of 30,000
...originally Muslim, then made Catholic (like most of Spain)

After the Mestiza we went wandering around the town...

There was a Medieval Festival that weekend

And along the way found Medieval torture tactics too!

Then unfortunately had to head home...

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  1. Love the pics... P.S. I actually liked the architecture ones (especially since the colors are so amazing), so keep them coming! :)


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