Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arte de Sevilla

I went to Museo de Bellas Artes en Sevilla today. 
It's in a former ancient mosque and houses some of the most famous Spanish art in the country. 
It was my boring Spanish 223 class coming to life!
Luckily, i put on my grown up shoes and really enjoyed the visit, even if it was a little stuffy and dripping of Catholicism, the art and museum were beautiful.

The museum itself

Cristo en la cruz (Goya)
Jesus was everywhere

"Las Cigarreras" (Bilbao)
This painting not only takes place in Sevilla, it takes place in my school!
La Universidad de Sevilla used to be a Tobacco Factory, fueling the economy of Sevilla.
While it kind of weirds me out that they made a university out of a psuedo-sweatshop where babies were welcome, it's also trippy and great that I get to attend class in a place with such a rich Sevillana history.

"Sevillana en su patio"  um...can i be her?

Yesterday I took a walk around my neighborhood and came across a bit more "informal" art which seemed just as inspired..

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