Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mi Casa Nueva

    Is over 200 years old! It's located on a street called Santas Patronas, which is right off of Reyes Católicos.  It really couldn't get any more Spanish.  I live in the "Centro" neighborhood, which is obviously the central part of city, which makes it convenient to class/fun/etc.
    I am a very lucky girl, i ended up with a fantastic host family and house.  I live with a couple and their 11 year old son, all of whom are super nice and welcoming and accommodating to my spanish-fumbling self.
   The family owns the first two floors.  Tengo mucha suerte; I get the whole first floor to myself! It includes a bedroom, little living room, kitchen of sorts and a bathroom.  My room has exposed brick walls and ceramic tile trim. All of this, and wifi included, i pretty much hit the jackpot.

Off to explore the barrio, adios!

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