Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gracias por las Felicidades!

so it happened...FINALLY

i am now 21

via My Parents Were Awesome

however, I'm in Spain, and therefore was legal/never carded in the last month.  a tad anticlimactic.

i have to say i was a little nostalgic for a Madison 21st birthday celebration - with friends who have been calling me "the baby" for what seems like forever. 

but - my host mother made me a delicious cake, and even sprang for a "2" and "1" candle (which everyone secretly wants, right?) and it helped my minuscule birthday woes go away.  


anywhoo...thank you all who wished me well on my birthday! sorry i have no entertaining over-the-top 21st tales for you, as i've been obnoxiously responsible lately.  but don't worry, Carnavale is this weekend in Cadiz ;)  (Spanish equivalent of a Madison Halloween.)

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