Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carnaval de Cádiz

          Last Saturday muchos americanos and I ventured to Cádiz, (a city about an hour away) for Carnaval.  The largest Carnaval celebration in Europe!  We didn't quite know what we were in for, I just had the notion that it would be in between Halloween (in Madison) and Marti Gras (in New Orleans). It turned out to be just about that, add rowdy spaniards singing and dancing, subtract any use of public bathrooms, and multiply by the 9 (very long) hours we were there...and that would equate to Carnaval.  And obviously a resaca.

My friends and I kind of underestimated the costume effort for Carnaval.  We just headed to H&M and bought anything deemed "crazy" or "leopard" and called ourselves rock stars.  With my red lipstick it was probably deemed "baby cheetah prostitute" but whatever. 

Fortunately, the spaniards and most americans, ok just about everyone else, was more creative.  
The Mask(s).  Go 90's reference

Exhausted Sponge Bob, Tetris, Croc & Zebra Duo, Cash-4-Gold

Favorite Men in Drag:

Carnaval is fun but I think i prefer my Madison Halloween: I'm not lost, there's little to no public urination, staying up until 7am isn't mandatory and... no abundance of fake costume genitalia. (Seriously, does anybody know the deal with that? I think even saw a guy in a bee costume w/an extra appendage and it wasn't a stinger)



  1. wowo sooo cool party !!

  2. what a bliss carnaval,,
    love the photos..
    and ohhh,,i loveeeee that studded biker jacket,,



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