Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lagos, Portugal

After Lisbon my friend and I headed to Lagos, a beach town in southern Portugal.  We arrived at night after accidentally getting off the bus at the previous town (oops...).  We were wondering around looking for any kind of hostel, and a guy on the street, sensing our backpacked, lost selves asked us, "looking for the hostel?  The Rising?"  We replied, "sure," pretty much up for any kind of cheap lodging.  The Rising of course was euphemism for the hostel's full name, The Rising Cock.  Picture of of chicken included: awesome
It was a pretty sweet hostel: (run?) by a Portuguese woman who the staff called "Mama," and American frat boys, it was a pretty nice place.  Mama made 200 crepes every morning for the guests, and the staff took us out to the local bars.  Definitely hospitable.
  Lagos was gorgeous, but unfortunatley we were in a beach town with unseasonably un-beach-like weather.  Swim suits were a no-go but we had the sun, and enjoyed hiking around the cliffs and exploring the town. This weekend about 400 Sevilla study-abroad students and 500 Madrid erasmus kids are there for a party/beach weekend.  I cannot even imagine.

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